Keep the Sales Process in Your Hands

Track the opportunities, offers, your people, and more. Easily observe the entire sales process as if it were in your hands.

Manage Your Team

Follow who has how much work, who is interested in which opportunities, on your screen. See the size of the opportunities followed and the probability of winning.

Let Reports Be Your Compass

Get reports on all your operations, whether on a period or opportunity scale. Check out the progress of the meetings, meetings, visits and all other events. When you ask how many jobs have been received, which is called “We will get 80%,” you will receive the answer immediately.

Trust the Figures

Follow your sales operations instantly. Watch who did what for which opportunity. Find the progress of the bidding processes on your desk at any time.

Don’t Forecast Sales,
See Sales Forecasts

See all the deals you’re interested in, the offers and the preparation stages in real time. Track your potential sales forecasts based on the size of the opportunity and how likely it is to turn into business.

If You Think Management Starts With Measuring, Call Us

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